Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Srishti:A blog dedicated to my bestest frnds...luv u all

As we walk our path of life,We meet people everyday.Most are simply met by chance.But, some are sent our way.
These become special friends,Whose bond we can't explain;The ones who understand us.And share our joy and pain.Their love contains no boundaries.So, even we are apart.Their presence enhances us,With a warmth felt in the heart.This love becomes a passageway,When even the miles disappear.And so, these friends, God sends our way,Remain forever near.


  1. Too theatrical. Would like to have some interesting and unforgettable with your friends posted here........

  2. Growing pains
    Broken chains
    A sad melody

    Falling tears
    Listening ears
    A friend just for me

    Reaching out
    Sharing doubt
    When life gets me down

    Hands to clutch
    Gentle touch
    Can turn me around

    Spoken words
    Softly heard

    Holding tight
    Loving light
    Calm serenity

  3. well...I got ya...dats too euphoric!!...although made me lil bit nostalgic...keep writing more ov ur personal encounters as well!...besties...tc