Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Srishti:My 1st blog

Hi..dis is Srishti..today I hv finally entered in the world of bloggin..I m really very excited..acc to me through blog..all my frnds includin my best frnds & my close frnds..wud understand even more better..I can communicate all my feelings whom I really want to..right nw...I hv nothin to say..so,that's it..hope u ppl can help me to make it intresting.


  1. hi, shrishti......

    Welcome to the world of blog.

    Wish u a happy new year and best of luck for ur blog......

  2. Hi Srishti

    Hope you get the most out ov it..my wishes are alwayz wid u..keep smiling n spread it everywhere

    best of luck..

  3. Hi Shruti...

    I come to know about this blog from your orkut profile. I requested friend request... Your profile is realy impressive.. Can we be friend??